What are the five common cold chain logistics challenges?

Let’s start with the definition of cold chain logistics. Cold Chain Logistics is the transport of temperature-controlled goods such as food and beverages, medical supplies, temperature-sensitive chemicals, and more, from one place to another. This move involves not only delivering goods to end customers, but also includes purchasing immature goods, manufacturing, and storing them at a certain temperature. Any increase or decrease in temperature during any stage of order can be catastrophic for frozen goods.

This is where cold chain logistics Monitoring comes into play. It focuses on maintaining the required temperature of the material throughout the movement. Apart from that, it also pays attention to proper packaging, timing, routes, and other aspects to ensure the transportation of frozen items is in its purest form.

Managing Cold chain logistics is not as easy as it seems. Companies, which deal with frozen products, have to face many challenges to ensure safe and uninterrupted shipping. Here are five challenges companies face in dealing with cold chain logistics-

1) Realtime Alerts on the Temperature deviation.

Sensors deployed by Thingsup take reading every 10 seconds and record the readings round the clock, which can be accessed on a real-time basis. In case of any temperature deviation, an alarm is triggered within few seconds of the deviation, giving the company the opportunity to make necessary corrections. Client can directly view the alerts on the mobile app.

2) Instant and real time Exact Root Cause analysis on the Temperature deviation.

Knowing the Temperature deviation really helps but that does not solve the entire problem. Thingsup Track provides the right cause of the Temperature deviation like Door kept open, Air conditioning units not working, Power supply failure, etc. This helps cold chain companies to take corrective actions immediately.

3) Visibility of Cold chain from first mile to last mile.

With Thingsup Track, solutions provide end-customers live insights on the delivery progress. It automatically notifies customers where an order is, who is going to deliver it, when will it be delivered, in case there are delays, and so on. Providing customers with last-mile visibility is a great way to boost customers engagement and delivery satisfaction. It also reduces the volume of customer calls regarding delivery updates.

4) Solution that can work with Own as well as third party infrastructure ( Refer Vehicles, Cold Rooms, Retail Stores etc).

The Global Supply chain industry is evolving and that evolution leading to a mixed model of transportation and assets wherein instead of completely owing or completely renting our assets, companies are preferring to have both rented and owned assets. This Mixed model needs a monitoring solution that can fit both scenarios. Thingsup track fits in both scenarios and provides only the best possible solution to monitor the cold supply chain.

5) Thingsup lower Customer Acquisition Costs — Through Better Service and Retention.

There is no such thing as repeat business.

Keeping your customers happy is the true secret of success.

Tracking real-time shipping can help you do just that, allowing you to make sure the shipment arrives on time, in the right place, in the right place.

Monitoring a cold chain can help your customers – and you – sleep soundly every night.

You can also share real-time tracking data with hostages, which allows them to monitor their deployments.

This not only improves your customer experience but also frees up the day, as you will have a few shocking calls from customers on rare occasions asking about their shipping.

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