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cold chain monitoring

Monitor your cold cargo health from anywhere. Monitor Cold storage rooms, Refer Vehicles, retail Stores, warehouses from Thingsup Track. Remote Temperature monitoring of perishable goods is easier than ever. Pharma, Fresh Produce cold chain system are key benefits thingsup track offers.

What Cold Chain Monitoring System Offers?

Cold Storage Monitoring - 3

Cold Storage Monitoring

Monitor Cold storage room from Anywhere with IoT and AI. Temperature, Humidity, Door status, Energy Consumption, and many More insights on your Perishable Goods.

Refer Vehicle Monitoring

Refer Vehicle Monitoring

Temperature monitoring and Vehicle GPS monitoring in a single platform. Now know Temperature, Humidity, AC status of Goods during transport and avoid losses.

Cold Retail Monitoring

Cold Retail monitoring

Monitor Temperature-sensitive items at all retail and Distribution points. Franchise's Quality control, Shelf life improvement, and loss reduction all benefit from the Thingsup Cold chain platform.

Real Time Alerts

Real time Alerts

Prevent cold chain losses with Realtime Alerts on Temperature and humidity excursion via SMS and Emails.

Analytics And Reports

Analytics and Reports

Detailed report on
Temperature, Humidity monitoring, Cold Room Utilisation, Trip wise Temperature, and many more useful reports at fingertips

Increase Operational Profits

Increase Operational Profits

Thingsup’s cold chain monitoring platform helps you reduce losses, reduce operation cost, increase business with transperancy in goods health.


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What our customers are saying about us?

Govind Milk@govindmilk
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We have 20 cold rooms for milk products storage. Thingsup tracks applications helps reduce loses due to temperature excursion. With door sensor and Energy meters, this platform helps us reduce the operational cost and increasing our product shelf life.
Carvan Logistics@carvanlogistics
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We are having 14 cold rooms and warehouses, with thingsup Cold chain monitoring platform helps us monitor the cold rooms from anywhere at our mobile phone.
Sakas Milk@sakasmilk
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We monitor our milk products at Cold rooms, Refer Vehicles and Retail stores from single platform thingsup and it helps us avoid product wastage, return losses, increase product brand.

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Thingsup Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System Devices offers first mile to last-mile cold supply monitoring that prevents the wastage of perishable goods. Pharmaceutical products, dairy and food products, Agriculture fresh produce, frozen food, and many more industries are taking advantage of Thingsup Track for to reduce wastage and increase cold product shelf life.

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