Real time Fuel Level, Fuel Refill, Theft, Mileage

Fuel Tracking System

Know your fleet’s total Fuel consumption, Fuel refill alerts, Fuel Theft alerts, Mileage in real-time from anywhere. Thingsup Track has now the best fuel tracking system as a feature. Ready to reduce your fuel cost? Get in touch with us now

What Fuel monitoring System offers?

Avoid Fuel Theft

Avoid Fuel Theft​

Thingsup Fuel management system detects the Fuel Theft with smart Algorithms, this helps fleet owners to stay ahead in taking fuel pilferage precautions.

Monitor Fuel Level From Anywhere

Monitor Fuel Level From Anywhere​

IoT based Real time Fuel Monitoring System is now possible. Fleet owner can know the Fuel in the tank from anywhere and at anytime.

Know Your Fleets Mileage

Know Your Fleets Mileage​

Get mileage of the vehicle and entire fleet from platform itself. No excel sheet, manual calulation required.

Control Fuel Expenses

Control Fuel Expenses​

Thingsup Fuel Tracking system helps in managing fuel expenses of the fleet. Its one of best tool to manage your fuel expense.

Accurate Measurement Technology​

Accurate Measurement Technology​​

Thingsup’s uses capacitance based Fuel sensor that gives highest accuracy, reliability and cost effective hardware. Its IP68 rates so no worries about water damage.

All Vehicles Support

All Vehicles Support​

Our fuel sensor supports multiple types of vehicles from car, buses, trucks, mini buses to Static assets like Genets.

What our customers are saying about us?

Abhijeet Enterprises
Abhijeet Enterprises@abhijeetenterprises
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I have 25 Tankers carrying Medical Essesntials. Thingsup tracks Fuel and Fleet Monitoring applications helps my day to day operations. Now i know my actual fuel expenses. Thanks Thingsup-track
RMC contracting service company
RMC contracting service company@RMCcontractingservicecompany
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I have 55 RMC trucks. Thingsup tracks Fuel and Asset Monitoring applications tells me my Assets Usage report. Now i know my assets Usage and actual Fuel expenses. Thanks Thingsup-track

Get the best Fuel Monitoring Solution from the Industry Expert at the Best Price

Thingsup Tracks Fuel management system offer best in class 4 to 5 months of return on investment of Fuel sensor hardware. Reducing fuel thefts, Pilferage, pro-active vehicle maintenance based on the real-time mileage, reducing excessive idling are methods our dear customers are using with the help of our platform.

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