How Cold Storage Monitoring and Temperature Sensing Preventing Ice-Cream Spoilage

The Global Ice Cream Market is growing at a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period (2020-2025). To meet the demand for ice-creams, leading ice cream brands like Kwality Walls, Amul, Havmor, Vadilal, Creambell have increased their ice-creams production. Despite being the leader in the market, these ice-cream brands look for a cold-chain infrastructure that meets the temperature requirements of these ice-creams. 

According to the International Dairy Food Association, ice cream remains safe when stored at a temperature of 0°F (-18°C) or colder. An ice-cream quality falls when Heat shocks are caused before it reaches the factory from the consumer. The temperature rises, melts ice crystals of ice cream and collapses its air cells, which deteriorates ice cream. 

Mother Dairy, established in 1995, is a successful dairy brand with14,000 retail outlets and 845 exclusive outlets. The dairy brand caters to the milk and milk product supply in different parts of India. The transportation of ice-creams in India is done through refrigerated trucks on the road. 


Top brands face the challenges of keeping the ice-creams at the desired temperature. Due to the COVID-19 crises, the demand for ice cream reduced. To increase the shelf life of their ice-creams, companies need to maintain the temperature of the ice cream at 18Deg across the supply chain and at retail distribution points. Temperature maintenance prevents ice crystals from melting and turning into large, unpalatable lumps. As these ice crystals melt, ice-cream taste changes, which adversely affects the brand reputation and sales.   


Thingsups Track platform enables leading ice-cream brands to prevent their ice-creams from spoilage. The IoT enabled monitoring devices made real time monitoring across the supply chain from Factory, during transport and at retail stores possible. Solution integrates cold store freezers and transportation vans, retail freezers that monitors temperature and humidity levels in a single platform. The organizations can access the data and monitor their products’ entire supply chain process from the Thingsup dashboard. Any deviations in the temperature and humidity are recorded at the Thingsup platform, and owners or managers are then sent alerts for immediate actions that can be taken. 

Results Achieved 

Ice-cream brands that integrated Thingsup Track IoT devices into their cold stores controlled the untimely fluctuations in the temperature and humidity levels. 

  1. Leads to 15% increase in temperature compliance
  2. 12% reduction in the return rate from retail points
  3. 7% reduction in overall wastage across supply chain

The device also enabled ice-cream manufacturers to track the location of their fleets carrying ice cream in real-time. 

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