How Dairy industry leader save Millions in losses using Cold chain monitoring platform

One of the biggest agri- businesses in India and a significant contributor to the Indian economy is the Dairy industry.  It is the largest single agricultural commodity with ~4 percent share in the economy. India is the largest producer of milk globally with an ~188 million MT production in 2019-20. Milk collection and processing is one of the major parts of the entire Dairy industry. The key challenge in the collection and processing part of the milk supply chain is its storage temperature: 4 DegC. If milk temperature is above 4 Deg mark for 1 minute, it loses 1 day of shelf life incurring major losses.

Our Client is one of the leading Dairy companies in India having 1000+ bulk milk coolers based collection and storage points. Bulk milk coolers are used for the temporary storage of the milk at 4 deg C in the milk collection supply chain. These BMC’s are either operated by the client itself or by third-party business partners. The key challenges our client was facing in milk collection were low MBRT test ratings which results due to a temperature deviation from 4 degC. And there was no mechanism to detect the failure point in the supply chain from BMC to the factory.

Thingsup’s track platform which is an IoT-based Cold supply chain management software platform has solutions to all these problems. We installed a Bluetooth-based Wireless IoT sensor that can measure up to -49 DegC at the BMC tanks and milk carrying tanker which sends real-time temperature information to Thingsup Track platform. Combining this data with vehicle telematics data, temperature deviation got detected with location, time. 

Thingsup’s advanced Temperature analytics dashboard helps our client to identify the temperature excursion reasons. With real-time alerts, the deviations were corrected instantly saving losses that may have occurred due to low MBRT. 

The Key Features of the Thingsup Cold chain management platform are:
  • Real-time fleet monitoring with Telematics Analytics
  • Real-time KPI monitoring ( Temperature, Humidity, Door position, Light )
  • Dedicated alert dashboard with Customizable email, SMS, notification alerts
  • Trip dashboard for analysis of delivery trips
  • Reporting dashboard with the provision of creating custom reports
  • Temperature analytics dashboards
  • Cold chain facilities monitoring dashboard
  • Subscription-based charges so minimal Capex investment 
Key outcomes of implementation: 
  • Our solutions helped an 85% reduction in tanker rejection due to a low MBRT rating which actually led to an increase in revenue annually.
  • It helped them in operating the BMC remotely and efficiently.
  • The client was able to gain a 12% increase in capacity utilization of BMC tanks.

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