Smart, Reliable and Efficient Supply Chain With

Thingsup Track

An IoT platform that remotely monitors and controls the entire supply  Chain. Thingsup Track let’s you manage moving assets like trucks, vehicles etc. as well as static assets like warehouses, manufacturing facilities etc.


How Thingsup Track Works?

Thingsup Track uses wired/wireless sensors to record and monitor key parameters of your supply chain operations. This data is sent to cloud via Gateway or Telematics(GPS) Devices attached to your assets. Thingsup Platform processes incoming data and performs realtime analysis to generate immediate alerts, create reports and notify all the stakeholders almost instantly.  

Collect Data

We collect data from your supply chain via hardware sensor devices or APIs.

Analyse and Act

Performs realtime analysis to generate alerts and historian reports.

Reports and Dashboards

Notification and Reports are available to all team members in supply chain operations

Step 1

Select from Available


Skip to Step 2 If your already Have Sensors in place


Ambient Environment Temperature


Relative Humidity of Surrounding Environment

Door Sensor

Magnetic Switch Door Sensor


Ambient Light Intensity in Lux


3 Axis Acceleration Sensor


AC Power Measurement

Air Pressure

Atmospheric Air Pressure

Air Quality

PM2.5, PM10, CO2 Sensors

Step 2

Select from Available


Skip to Step 3 If your already Have Devices with you


WiFi GSM Gateways Made by Thingsup


Vehicle Telematics Gateways with Sensor Connectivity


Vehicle Telematics Devices with Sensors Connectivity

200+ Devices

From Worldwide Telematics Manufacturers


Already purchased Devices from Supported Vendors

API Access

Simulate Device using Web APIs

Step 3

Signup and get Necessary Server Configurations for Devices

Start using Thingsup Track in Mobile and Desktop

Your devices are Live by Now so

What are the features?

Supply Chain Visibility

Get overview of entire supply chain on single screen including moving assets, facilities, warehouses etc.

History and Playback

View complete history of devices with location and sensors data. Playback the data to simulate event in past.


Create sensor from any parameter from device, track them in realtime along with basic historian analysis.

Trips and Stoppage

Analyse trips and stoppages of entire fleet on single screen with multiple reports


Add and Manage Entry/Exit events of locations using geofences


Setup realtime alerts using push notifications, emails and SMS on sensors and devices.

Facilities Management

Create and manage facilities by grouping devices or sensors. This is typically useful in warehouse or storage monitoring.

Devices and Sharing

Manage Devices with multiple users. Share devices for fixed duration with Link sharing option.

Users and Roles

Give access to entire operations team using custom roles and device sharing options.

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Why Customers choose us?

Deep Expertise

Thingsup Track is build by the team of experts in IoT, Embedded, Industrial Automation and Cloud Services

Reports in Excel and PDF

Thingsup lets your export Sensor History, Trips and Alerts Analytics. This is useful for management to get insights of operations performance.

Works like Magic

Quick Integrations and Configurations makes onboarding fast and hassle free

Mobile Apps

All the features of Web App are available in Mobile App making it more accessible to all stakeholders at any time.

Better ROIs

Analytics Data results into saving operations cost resulting into quicker ROIs

Customer Support

Quick and 24*7 Available Customer Support.

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