How Mushroom Producer increase Yield by monitoring cultivation rooms with Thingsup cold chain platform

The global mushrooms cultivation market is experiencing growth with the increase in demand for mushrooms. The surge in awareness about health issues and organic products are the factors that drive the growth of the global mushroom cultivation market. Changes in lifestyle also support the growth of the market. However, to cater to the rising demand the Advance cultivation methods with technologies like IoT and remote sensing are a must thing.

Our client is a reputed mushroom cultivation company exporting mushrooms under 5 different bands to Europe, the USA, and other Asian countries. The best quality with a variety of offerings is their secret to success. But maintaining the quality with catering to huge market demand poses key challenges which our client was looking for to solve

  1. Effectively monitor and control the temperature, humidity, and air quality of the controlled mushroom cultivation rooms at every stage of production. Any deviation leads to poor quality yield
  2. Every stage needs specific environmental conditions which play a key role in production rate and quality and all this varies as per the Type of mushroom species. Any deviation leads to a cultivation period
  3. External environmental shocks to the controlled atmosphere in cultivation rooms lead to poor quality yield

Thingsup’s cold chain management solution was the right fit for all these issues. We installed IoT-based Temperature and Humidity sensors in each room at multiple points. This gives remote monitoring of entire cultivation rooms from thingsup dashboard. Advanced cold chain monitoring platform gives access of chiller’s status and usage efficiency on a single platform. The IoT-based cold asset management, cold facilities monitoring and management are some of the key features of thingsup platform. 

All the Temperature and Humidity trends were observed at different cycles of cultivation and Humdity levels and watering was adjusted as per trend data. Any deviation alerts generated by thingsup were noted and Chiller levels were adjusted as per needs.

Results achieved after 2 cultivation cycles were surprising

A) Leads to 15% better yields

B) Leads to effective utilization of AC and chiller system lowering electricity bills

C) Quality of the yield increased

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