Cold Chain Needs Upgrade And How Thingsup Track Can Help

How are the perishable and pharmaceutical goods transported from one place to another? Is it possible to keep their integrity throughout the transportation process? The answer is yes. It is completely workable through a cold chain system. But, how does it help?

Cold chain: An overview

The use of temperature-controlled units for the transportation of goods from one place to another is defined as a cold chain.

It is a seamless process that involves the distribution of goods from the place of manufacture to all points across the country. Throughout the process, the refrigeration unit cannot be removed.

It is used to transport several perishable goods like fresh and frozen food, along with pharmaceutical goods. Further, it also deals with goods that have specific legal requirements. And for the maintenance of the correct temperature.

What is the importance of a cold chain?

The organisations ensure that the safety and quality of goods are maintained. Right from production to the final destination.

The cold chain systems are instilled with temperature monitoring systems. This allows the maintenance of the temperature of all goods. Since many goods and items are transported across the globe, this calls for a need for secure and robust management.

Types of cold storage

The utilisation and need of cold storage depends on the type of business you run. Most units come in forms to fit in with your business needs. The major types of cold storage include:

Blast freezers: They are used for the storage of poultry, vegetables and fruits.

Pharmaceutical: They include storage options for vaccines and blast chillers at ultra-low temperature for packs.

Refrigerated containers: These are portable containers used to store fresh produce at optimum temperature.

Mega cold storage: These units are used by big businesses having a high stock turnaround.

Why cold chain needs an upgrade and how Thingsup helps?

The high implementation and usage of cold storage worldwide call for an up-gradation through high-performance technology integration. It is important to opt for a hybrid approach. This allows establishing a seamless operational process. We at Thingsup provide large benefits to help you upgrade the cold chain facilities.

You can opt for our sensors which record the key parameters needed for supply chain operations. Through Thingsup platform, we perform real-time analysis and generate immediate reports. The features that we offer include:

  • Supply chain visibility including moving assets, facilities, etc.
  • History and playback providing complete data of devices.
  • Sensors that track the supply chain movement in real-time.
  • Trips and stoppage.
  • Geofence to manage the entry/exit of locations
  • Alerts through SMS, emails and notifications
  • Facilities management by grouping devices
  • Devices and sharing
  • Users and roles for the operations team

Thingsup’s cold chain management platform helps cold chain stakeholder not only to monitor their cold assets remotely but also to manage their entire supply chain from a single window. Check our application here.


Cold chain systems are quintessential for the movement of goods with minimal disruption in their integrity. Are you looking for a system that is smart and reliable for your supply chain? Thingsup is the perfect solution.