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We Are Thingsup

Thingsup is IoT Platform and Devices Suite developed by iobot. iobot Technologies is India’s leading IoT Solutions Company based out of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

IoT is in Blood

iobot has developed 30+ IoT Solutions in 5 Years since operations in the domains Cold Supply Chain, Fleet Management, Machine Monitoring, Smart Agricultures and Smart Homes etc. 

We will be There. Always!!!

Platform needs to Support Client  when they require the most. Most importantly our 24*7 Email and Chat Support will always be there even if you are Small Startup, Individual Developer or MNC.

We Love our Partners

IoT is an Ecosystem. We have Device Manufacturers, Platforms, Data Analysis Tools, Machine Learning Models and many more. Let’s contribute and Above all, Build amazing World. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

Nothings happens Overnight. We are constantly improving Platform, Security, Integrations, User Experience and Robustness. 

We Keep It Simple

This is our Core Mission, We hate complicated things. Building IoT Solutions over the years taught us to simplify things.

Our Mission

We Believe IoT should be simple

Today we have simplfied Digitizing Businesses via Websites, ERPs, CRMs and Payment Gateways with easy Tools for onboarding and integrations.

IoT is Still Not Simple. Many of Software Companies are not ready to develop IoT Applications, Therefore forcing them to outsource business at HIgher Costs which as a result Kills the Business Requirements

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