IoT Based Cold Supply Chain Management Software Platform

Here’s how our clients enhanced revenue through our IoT based supply chain monitoring platform

One of the cryogenic liquids widely used in science laboratories is liquid nitrogen. Since the term “cryogenic” refers to very low temperatures, it is a very cold substance. It will extend to a very large amount of gas when liquefied under high-pressure conditions. Liquid Nitrogen is something that is highly used in the health care sector. With a boiling point of -196 degrees Celsius, it is used for several purposes, including device cooling, medication to extract excess skin, warts, and pre-cancerous cells, and cryogenics, which studies the impact of very cold temperatures on products.

Our Client:

Our client is a well-known manufacturer and retailer of Liquid Nitrogen, Nitrogen Cryocans, and Cryogenic Tanks. They provide a wide variety of goods to customers, including Frozen Dry Ice, Liquid Nitrogen, Cryogenic Gas Cylinders, and Liquid Nitrogen Containers. But in this process, they were facing certain issues like Pilferage during the supply chain, Temperature monitoring in real-time, the first mile to last-mile tracking of the supply chain, as well as static nitrogen plant assets monitoring.


Pilferage During Cold Supply Chain Movement: Pilferage during the distribution of the nitrogen gas across the cold supply chain was leading to losses upto 1.2Cr INR per year. Due to lack of real time monitoring of the Cold chain assets, it was impossible to detect the pilferage.

Lack of Inventory Information: There was no information of inventory of the gas at client sites available with OEM, this usually created a huge bottleneck in emergency cases leading to stress on the cold supply chain.

Imagine what will happen if the company can identify the real time availability and send the liquid nitrogen before its level got below critical? 


Thingsup’s track platform which is an IoT based Cold supply chain management software platform has solutions to all these problems. A Bluetooth based Wireless IoT sensor that can measure upto -200 DegC was installed at the assets ( Refer van, Nitrogen Tanks, Nitrogen Storage tanks) which sends real time temperature information to Thingsup Track platform. Combining this data with vehicle telematics data, pilferage got detected with location, time and quantity. 

Thingsup’s advanced Temperature analytics dashboard helps our client to control the quality of every delivery. 

The key Features of the Thingsup Cold chain management platform are:
  • Real-time fleet monitoring with Telematics Analytics
  • Real-time KPI monitoring ( Temperature, Humidity, Door position, Light )
  • Dedicated alert dashboard with Customizable email, sms, notification alerts
  • Trip dashboard for analysis of delivery trips
  • Reporting dashboard with provision of creating custom reports
  • Temperature analytics dashboards
  • Cold chain facilities monitoring dashboard
  • Subscription based charges so minimal capex investment 
Key outcomes of implementation: 
  • Our solutions helped a 90% reduction in pilferage saving which actually led to an increase of 1.2 Cr in revenue annually.
  • It helped them in providing better customer service and experience with a digitally monitored supply chain.
  • Client was able to gain a 12% increase in per day deliveries with optimized fleet management.

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