Is Thingsup the Best IoT Platform?

Let's understand the IoT Platforms

Today, we see lots of IoT platforms in market. Many companies claim that they have built an IoT platform, which they claim to be the best amongst others. But let’s see why we don’t think this is true.

  1. A Platform built for a particular area such as equipment monitoring is not actually a platform, it’s a solution which can onboard multiple customers. It’s an IoT Product/Solution.
  2. A Platform which is not open to public for usage, as it is without any customisation, is again not an IoT Platform. If you are building a software product with pre-built modules(so called platform), it’s a development service. Most of the IoT solutions provider companies fall in this category.
  3. A Platform which forces customers to buy a particular hardware to build a solution, is again not a True Platform. Platform should be open to all possible integrations from hardware to software.
Considering above conditions, you can figure out that there are only few companies which have built a true IoT Platform. Best IoT Platform should be capable of connecting almost all hardware devices, along with various software services and frameworks, leading to building a great solution for customers.

What is Thingsup?

Thingsup is an IoT Platform built by iobot Technologies. After building 40+ IoT Solutions in just last three years, we realised that most of the IoT solutions have 90% of repetitive components and only 10% is customised as per the required solution. Considering this ratio, we started working on making a single framework, which can help organisations just like us to build IoT solutions quicker and with best quality.

How Thingsup is robust and scalable?

Thingsup is deployed on AWS Infrastructure running on Multiple AZ Kubernetes Cluster. Thingsup is built on very low latency microservices architecture which is used in Large Enterprises, so we can scale automatically based on load or performance requirements. All the services in Thingsup runs with redundancy in multiple datacenters, to ensure maximum availability and zero downtime.

Thingsup uses no-downtime CI/CD Pipelines for updates and maintenance, making it a True Enterprise grade IoT Platform.      

What are the available Integrations?

Thingsup uses MQTT and HTTP, the most popular communication protocols used for IoT from Hardware sides. 

  1. Hardware – Thingsup can integrate Low power devices like ESP8266, ESP32, GSM/NB-IOT/LTE based modules as well as high computing power devices such as RaspberryPI, Android and Linux based embedded devices. 
  2. Software
    • Thingsup supports connections with industry’s top cloud or database frameworks such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redis, InfluxDB and Firebase.
    • We support cloud services such AWS Lambda, Email, MSG91 and Web hooks with continuously upgrading support for other services.
    • It also has built in MQTT Broker which can be used to connect IoT devices to each other.
    • Thingsup has simple JS Style Rules Engine which can be used for data validation and transformation in IoT applications. 
As you can see, Thingsup provides best platform agnostic integrations to allow customers to choose the best suitable frameworks for their IoT solutions.

What about the deployment cost?

Thingsup uses realtime billing principle to charge as per usage with No Upfront commitments. 

You can start using Thingsup with as low as 1 USD or 100 INR. Thingsup provides credits as per the planswhich are debited in realtime as per the usage of Thingsup services.

Thingsup is the lowest cost IoT service in the market for 

    • MQTT Broker/Server
    • Rules Engine
    • Sending Emails through APIs
    • Building Serverless APIs
    • Database Integrations for IoT

Support / Community?

We are constantly building community with Developers and Partners. We have 24*7 support for all users to help with integrations.

Thingsup GitHub repositories are filled with examples and sample codes to help in quick product or solution development.

If you are looking for the Best IoT Platform to build solutions, try Thingsup once. Contact us to let us know your views or requirements.