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MQTT Broker Service

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We are

compliant to MQTT Standards

We are fully complaint to latest MQTT standards supporting
MQTT v3.1, v3.1.1, and v5.0

Works Like Magic

Compatible with Existing
MQTT Clients and works seamlessly.

Scalable & Fault Tolerant

Running in Minimum 3 Node Cluster in different Datacenters in Cloud.

Cost Saving

Billed by 1KB Packets and Lowest Cost in Segment.
Why pay more ?

Rules Engine

Simple JS Style Rule Engine to Check and Transform Data


Store and Process Data with 3rd Party Integrations with Databases and Web Services


Detailed Documentation with Sample Codes and Examples

Be the First

Faster Development

Launch your Product faster with Thingsup. Get Enterprise Grade performance with simple and widely available integrations. 

Use Embedded Devices

Hardware Support

Use your familier Microcontrollers and SoCs with standard MQTT Libraries with help of support examples by Thingsup

Track Expense

Simple Pricing Model

Everything is billed in Real Time with Thingsup Credits. Messages are billied in 1KB Bracket. Use Billing Section to Analyze Usage.



Collect, Process and Send Data to Cloud


Sense Physical Parameters

We are not finished yet

IoT Platform needs Devices too...

We take Data Security VERY Seriously

How do we Secure Data?

TLS v1.3

All External Network Connections are encrypted with Latest Standards

JWT Tokens

JWT based Authentication and fine grained Access Control


All Sensitive Data is stored encrypted at Rest with AES 256 bit encryption.

Know more


MQTT is an IoT communication protocol based on the Publish/Subscribe model.

MQTT Broker is Central Server which allow devices to communicate to each other via managing Publish/Subscribe Mechanism.

Yes. If you are using MQTT protocol for communication, a Broker is required to handle and communicates messages between devices.

There are some Brokers available in market such as Eclipse Mosquitto, Mosca, EMQX and VerneMQ etc.

Thingsup MQTT Service is Fully Managed MQTT Broker. It is deployed in Enterprise Grade Scalable, Secure and Fault Tolerant Cloud. We take care of Scaling services in Higher Traffic, Managing Device Authentications and Access Control.

With Rule Engine you can validate incoming data, Transform it with simple JS style code and Trigger further Actions as required.

We charge on MQTT messages published or delivered. Zero charges for connection, Ack/Ping messages. Messages are billed in 1KB Bracket. For example, if your are sending 1.2KB data you will be billed for 2 Messages. Each Message Billed will consume 0.001 of available Thingsup Credits.

MQTT Devices will be able Send/Receive data till your Account has Thingsup Credits available. Once Credits are Zero, Devices will not be able to Send/Receive data or Connect to Service.  


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