A HVAC Manufacturer compares Indoor and Outdoor AQIs in realtime with IoT Enabled Monitors

In 2019, increased pollution in Delhi lead people to use Air Filters, Air Purifying Plants, Humidifiers and what not. Everyone was forced to wear Masks to remain safe from the Smog caused by cold winds from North and smoke created by burning crop remains in Harayana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. 

Our Client, a Commercial HVAC(Air Conditioning) Unit manufacturer, wanted to check the performance of air filters installed inside corporate AC units. It was required to ensure air filters replaced only when required. Many times corporate management asks manufacturers to replace filters or change AC settings based on human sense or fixed time interval and not with actual data. This results into more maintenance cost for the manufacturer as well as more electricity usage to facility owners due to improper settings.

To solve this issue, iobot came up with solution which will measure air quality parameters in real-time of both indoor and outdoor environment. This provided better data for decision making to AC Managers and also showing same data to office employees made them feel safe about their work environment.

iobot installed two units of air quality monitors (1 Indoor + 1 Outdoor) per facility which were connected to each other via Thingsup IoT Platform and also to a Web dashboard running on LED screen as shown in image above showing live comparison to everyone. 

Here are the few things which were achieved with this IoT solution.

  • Realtime AQI (Air Quality Index) in office premises.
  • Better AC Management reducing Operational Costs.
  • Less wastage of Air Filters equipments due to data based replacements.
  • Clean air for everyone.

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