How Real-time Fuel Tracking can impact the Logistics industry?

Fuel has always been one of the main reasons for the cost of the supply chain. Sometimes, you might not be able to go exactly according to the planned route. This may impact fuel prices. Moreover, when you have a fleet of vehicles, it can become tough to keep the fuel prices under control. To manage the fuel costs efficiently, you need to have a system that can perform real-time fuel tracking. With the raises in fuel prices, a comprehensive system such as Thingsup Track can help actively monitor your fuel. 

Why is fuel tracking needed?

The primary reason for fuel tracking is to manage the cost of the supply chain efficiently. But, why is fuel always one of the main considerations? Let’s take a look at them:

Fuel theft

Fuel theft is one of the main reasons to employ a Real-time Fuel tracking solution. Even drivers who are responsible for refuelling sometimes indulge in activities like theft. Also, when your trucks aren’t inside your compounds, there’s a high chance of fuel getting stolen. Even small amounts of fuel theft over prolonged periods of time directly impact you’re revenue. Without a tracking solution, there’s no way to ascertain the cause. 

Can’t we switch to EV trucks?

EV trucks are an interesting concept. But, it is one that is only in its initial stages of implementation. Only very few high-end companies have the resources to make such huge investments. Until EV trucks become economically beneficial, our only hope is to install a tracking system. 

How does Thingsup Track help?

Thingsup track is a comprehensive solution that helps in monitoring all aspects of your supply chain. It also helps in fuel management in the following ways:

1. Fuel Refills: Checks whether the scheduled fuel refills get done by the employees without fail. Also it indicates the Fuel refill Quantity which helps in cross verifying against the fuel bills

2. Fuel Theft: Actively monitors and alerts of any rapid expense of fuel levels. 

3. Trip Wise Fuel Consumption: Measuring the consumption of fuel per trip can help you quote optimal prices for your transport service. 

4. Trip Wise Mileage: With the smart Thingsup Track algorithm, you can easily predict future mileage costs. The system actively keeps a record of the past mileage and helps predict future requirements. 

5. Real-Time Alerts: Timely alerts are a great help to truck owners. Using a tracking solution like Thingsup Track, you get timely updates from the sensors. Which eventually aids in making quick decisions needed to save your expenses. 

6. Return on Investment:  The average ROI of the Thingsup Real time fuel monitoring system is 5 to 6 months. 


Thingsup Track is a comprehensive solution that provides you with modern asset tracking features. With us, you can easily stay on top of all the costs and unprecedented situations that happen within a supply chain.