Cold chain monitoring

How Cold chain monitoring helps Blood banks comply with Government Norms?

During recent times, there has been an unprecedented rise in demand for blood supplies. To ensure that blood bags from banks reach the hospital safely, the government has put forth some regulations. One of the important pointers in those regulations is maintaining the optimal core temperature. Even when blood banks store it in their facilities, they need to actively monitor it. 

The same applies when transporting them. The recommended temperature is 2-6 ℃ or in some cases 2-10 ℃. Maintaining such conditions need constant monitoring. Luckily, we have a cold chain monitoring system that can help with the process. In this blog, we will discuss how blood banks can make use of such a system. 

Benefits of using a cold chain monitoring system

There are many benefits of using an Asset management system software to monitor your supply chain. They are:

1. Automated blood storage condition reporting is possible. With a temperature tracking device, you can record the temperature. Adding other IoT sensors helps track other parameters. They are all capable of sharing this information over large distances. Thus, enabling you to monitor storage conditions in real-time. That too, throughout the cold chain. 

2. Increased efficiency is a given. With continued surveillance, no more wasted blood bags. You get to see where your current supply chain lacks. Thus, enabling you to find better solutions.

3. Using asset management system software helps you realise your true potential. It lets you find optimal routes to reach your destination. Thus, reducing the occurrence of disruption in the cold chain. 

These are the general benefits of using a cold chain monitoring system. Thus, advanced tracking lets you stay compliant with the local laws. 

Why choose Thingsup Track?

Thingsup Track is a comprehensive solution. We understand all the requirements of the blood bank initially. Connecting with the nearest hospitals within the least possible time is the aim. Our cold chain monitoring system aids in streamlining and managing all steps of the cold chain. 

1. Real-time monitoring lets you identify weak links in your supply chain. 

2. Alerts you whenever the system deviates from optimal conditions. 

3. Saves cost by finding optimal routes automatically in real-time. 

4. Prevents the waste of blood bags due to poor management of the supply chain. 

5. Supports the decision-making process by providing enough data about the transport. 

While there are many other benefits of using Thingsup Track, these are the ones that matter to your blood cold supply chain. 


Cold chain monitoring system has become essential tools of a blood bank’s supply chain. Opting for such a solution will help you easily comply with the government guidelines. Moreover, you can also save lives with such an asset management system software by your side.