How Baking Products Franchise Owners Are Saving In Millions Using Thingsup Track?

IoT is currently driving almost every sector. It is making manufacturing processes more efficient and pushing cold supply chains to perform better. Similarly, we have used our asset management system software to enhance the efficiency of a franchise. The franchise sells baked products like bread and pastries. 

These products are food items and are perishable. So, it is important to transport them at the right temperature and humidity. Without these conditions, the products may simply go to waste. This is a major threat to the revenue of the franchise. Hence, we came up with a solution to tackle the same. Let’s discuss this further in this blog. 

Challenges faced by Baking Products Franchise Owners

The following are some of the primary challenges that these franchises face:

  1. Unable to take action in real-time due to a lack of tracking solutions. 
  2. Lack of supply chain transparency that resulted in various inefficiencies. 
  3. Need for additional labor to properly monitor food safety. 
  4. Loss due to products that got spoilt along the way to the retail store. 
  5. No way to actively monitor the temperature and humidity of the containers. 
  6. Slower moving supply chain processes. 

All these together greatly affect the credibility of a baking products franchise. Let us see how Thingsup Track uses IoT tracking sensors to solve all of the above. 

Using Asset Management System Software

Thingsup Track is an enterprise-grade asset management system software. It enables users to have the utmost visibility and control over their supply chain. Let us see how.

1. It enables real-time tracking:

With Thingsup by their side, the franchise owners were able to monitor their supply chain in real-time. Therefore, it helped them make prompt decisions that saved the assets. This was possible due to the IoT tracking sensors fitted to the containers. They send over the data collected to the Asset Management System Software. Hence, real-time problem-solving became possible. 

2. It enables automation:

Your employees do not have to count the cartons manually from now on. With advanced RFID scanning, you can easily monitor all your packages. The franchise owners were able to keep accurate track of the goods supplied and returned. And those that turned up spoilt. All these records get automatically updated through Thingsup Track, freeing up much of your employees’ time. 

3. It enables active temperature monitoring:

Using a GPS temperature monitoring device, Thingsup Track was able to actively record the temperature of the packages. This helped in compliance with food safety regulations. Moreover, it also helped in reducing the waste due to fault temperature maintenance.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management involves vigilantly overseeing a business’s valuable possessions. It entails knowing the whereabouts, utilization, and condition of equipment, tools, and supplies. Much like a baker meticulously organizes ingredients and utensils for a perfect cake, asset management assists franchise owners in streamlining their resources for seamless operations.

The Power of Asset Management Software/System

Imagine having the ability to predict when an oven requires maintenance or when a mixer is running low on ingredients. This is where asset management software, such as Thingsup Track, plays a pivotal role. It serves as an intelligent tool that empowers franchise owners to:

  1. Maintain Records:

Effortlessly store essential details about each piece of equipment, including purchase dates, maintenance history, and physical location.

      2. Monitor Usage:

Track the frequency of equipment use and schedule timely maintenance to avert unforeseen breakdowns.

      3. Enhance Planning:

Utilize data-driven insights to optimize baking schedules, staffing arrangements, and supply management, thereby reducing wastage and bolstering productivity.

      4.Ensure Compliance:

Set reminders for crucial inspections and safety checks, ensuring conformity with stringent food safety regulations.

Benefits of Asset Management Software

The introduction of asset management software, exemplified by Thingsup Track, brings forth an array of advantages that can translate into substantial savings for baking product franchise owners:

  1. Financial Gains:

By averting sudden equipment malfunctions and minimizing ingredient wastage, owners curtail repair costs and raw material expenditures.

      2. Operational Efficiency:

Streamlined operations translate into reduced time wastage and amplified production of baked goods, ultimately boosting revenue.

      3. Precision Planning:

Reliable data facilitates better decision-making in terms of production, staffing, and deliveries.

      4. Confidence in Compliance:

The software’s timely alerts for inspections and safety checks ensure that franchise owners meet rigorous food safety standards.

      5. Elevating Customer Experience:

Well-maintained equipment guarantees consistent product quality, leading to satisfied customers who become loyal patrons.


A baking product franchise encompasses both challenges and triumphs. However, the adoption of asset management software like Thingsup Track empowers franchise owners to surmount these challenges while reaping significant savings. Just as a perfectly calibrated oven yields a flawless cake, asset management software ensures seamless operations, diminished costs, and heightened customer satisfaction. By embracing technology that simplifies equipment monitoring, maintenance, and operational intricacies, baking product franchise owners are baking up success, ingredient by well-managed ingredient.