How Thingsup is reinventing the cold chain monitoring

Most companies today have supply chains that are functional and reasonably reliable. But the world, environment, consumers, and customers are changing so rapidly that incremental, continuously improve- mint isn’t fast enough to adapt to the new needs of the new environment. High performing companies have made a step function change to turn their supply chains into true competitive weapons, reaping substantial rewards along the way: Not only do they enjoy above-market growth rates compared with their more complacent competitors, but they have reset customer expectations and, in many cases, are ready to disrupt their industries with cold chain monitoring reinventing.

No matter what happens to other companies, Thingsup Track cold chain monitoring reinventing comes with the best innovative ideas and developments. we have helped companies in many different industries conquer capacity constraints, overcome margin pressure, embrace the latest digital technologies, and fully align their supply chain capabilities with their strategic ambition.

What can you expect? Thingsup Track Cold Chain Monitoring Reinvention is designed to: 

  • Accelerate revenue growth: IoT enabled supply chain is big trust gainer to the cold chain consumer as it ensures the package healthy delivery. Enabling Cold chain logistics with Cold chain monitoring solution, supply chain stakeholder can gain the customer trust and boost business
  • Increase customer satisfaction and representation: With Last mile delivery solution, cold chain can ensure right delivery at right time at right temperature which increases the customer satisfaction. 
  • Open savings and cash flow, by reducing production and transportation costs, eliminating low value-added jobs, and improving security levels to improve commodity exchanges.
  • Reduce risk and increase reliability, by improving weather accuracy with better tools and data, and reduce disruption by building baths within your network.