Cold chain monitoring is not just Temperature monitoring!

A temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature of a particular environment. In recent years, the cold chain monitoring system has become an essential aspect in healthcare, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, food & beverage, server rooms, and other industries. You can track, and regulate the temperature of products in a specified environmental setting with a monitoring system to ensure products are kept secure throughout shipment and storage.

1. Key parameters for Cold chain monitoring

Temperature is definitely one of the important factors in cold chain monitoring but it’s not the only one. As a part of cold chain monitoring, it is essential to monitor Humidity, Air conditioning unit status, compressor status, the integrity of the cold chain container, external temperature, etc. The cold chain monitoring system should not only have these parameters for measurement but also should be able to measure these across the cold chain points like Cold rooms, Refer vehicles, Retail stores, Cold containers, and PCM boxes.

2. Real time alerts

A real-time cold chain monitoring system aims to save the day if there is power loss or any out-of-range temperature happens on your equipment, which would put all your perishable goods at risk. This problem will come in handy with our peace-of-mind solution as it helps you to automatically send an instant notification and not just through SMS but also with the call, email, desktop & mobile app notification, and an on-site siren alarm. The ability to get real-time alerts when monitored equipment moves outside acceptable parameters, and the ability to receive these alerts on several different devices, is invaluable. With our system, you get real-time alerts on any device you use, whether its personal computer, tablet, or mobile, and data can be viewed from anywhere, at any time. We even have a free and user-friendly interface mobile App & web user portal to view your data.

3. One solution to static and moving cold chain points

Many Temperature monitoring systems work best in only one scenario like either Refer vehicle or for Cold storage room or Factory setup. The ideal cold chain monitoring solution should work equally efficiently in all environments. Thingsups cold chain monitoring is not only supported all the key parameters other than temperature but also supports multiple types of assets ( Static assets: Cold rooms, Factory, Retail Freezers. Dynamic assets: Refer vans, Moving containers) 


While all monitoring applications require some type of immediate data reporting, most also include recording values for historical purposes. Cloud-based storage is a must when choosing a temperature monitoring system, which helps to keep your data safe and secure. With the THINGSUP hosted solution, all of your data is stored securely in the cloud and available for you to view 24/7. Data is stored in our secure private cloud with server redundancy and automated system backups, making sure that your valuable data is never lost.

5. Multi Network Connectivity Support

As the assets of the cold chain are usually geographically distributed there are many scenarios where the consistent network is not available. It is paramount in such a scenario that cold chain monitoring solution supports multiple network connectivity options like 2G, LTE, WiFi, BLE, NB IoT.

But what happens when power is lost? Since your monitoring system is key to a piece of critical equipment like a refrigerator, freezer you may need a connectivity option separate from the building’s infrastructure. In addition, microwaves, neighboring WIFI networks, refrigerators, and even Christmas lights can interfere with WIFI signals. WAN can be fantastic and is becoming popular in environments where Bluetooth & cellular is not an option or WIFI is susceptible to interference. It can transmit data over long distances and through dense environments, so it’s ideal for the rigorous temperature monitoring system.

6. Wireless over Wired sensors

The wired sensor is the first generation of digital continuous temperature monitors, providing significant benefits over wireless sensors. However, wired solutions can be expensive to install depending on the number of sensors required, the physical attributes of the area you want to monitor, and the level of difficulty involved in installing the embedded wiring. In this scenario, wireless solution is more recommended which is inexpensive, and relocating them is easier.

7. Complexity of operation and maintenance

Many Cold chain monitoring systems claiming a “do-it-yourself” readiness, are anything but easy to set up, and may require a service appointment after the fact. This can be very costly and time-consuming. THINGSUP has spent many years innovating user-friendly, easy-to-install solutions for monitoring temperature and other physical parameters.  Nonetheless, it is often beneficial for our expert technicians to provide on-site services, notably depending on site size and configuration, as well as technical resources you may have available internally. Our professional sales & support team offers you personalized assistance on pre-installation site survey & consultation, system installation & configuration, user training & service maintenance.

We wish you luck in selecting the perfect cold chain monitoring system for your assets. If you feel that you need support, feel free to reach out to us at for a free consultation.