How Much Poor Cold Chain Cost To Food Industry?

Food items are easily perishable. Moreover, most of them have a short shelf-life. So, how are they protected and transported globally? Cold chain management helps the food industry with all of it.

Cold chain isn’t just a process but also it involves science and technology. Science in terms of biological processes that are related to food life. Technology, because it involves proper management of temperature and supply chain.

Cold chain management is widely used across the world to meet the demands of supplying food items. This takes place by incorporation of a Logistics Tracking Device and IoT tracking sensors. But, it is most effectively used in developed countries. The process still dwindles in developing countries leading to massive losses in the food industry.

What are the cold chain systems and their uses in the food industry?

The cold chain involves uninterrupted transportation and temperature control between the suppliers and consumers to maintain the quality of food products. Any unexpected changes in the cold chain environment can lead to food degradation and hence food wastage.

According to reports, about 1/3rd of the food produced is wasted. To avoid this, a cold chain comes into play. The integration of cold chains with IoT tracking sensors can provide major benefits in the food industry.

Segments of the cold chain in food management
It include the following:

  • Packing of fresh food products
  • Food processing that involves freezing
  • Cold storage: It can be both short term and long term
  • Distribution of food items
  • Marketing: This can involve both simple and complex use of technology. For instance, like a logistics tracking device. This will help in seamlessly managing the cold chain process. 

It is important to involve the right planning and management during these phases. This helps in reducing economic losses and efficient food management. 

There are many logistic management challenges involved. However, with the right product tracking system, sustainability increases. 

The cold chain potential is still untapped in many regions globally. This leads to food waste as high as 30% during the supply chain. 

So, what is the solution for that? Leveraging technology. How can we do this? By opting for a Logistics Tracking System Software.

But, why should we opt for a tracking system for vehicles and products? Here are some of the benefits that software like Thingsup serve:

  • It offers transparency in the supply chain
  • Provides a complete history with location and sensors data
  • Helps in analysing trips and stoppages of vehicles
  • Geofence
  • Provides real-time alerts through notifications
  • Facilities management
  • Manages device sharing
  • Access to teams and multiple users


There are ample technologies to track and manage the cold chain process. But, it is essential to choose the suitable one. At Thingsup we ensure to provide you with a reliable and efficient supply chain. So, if you want to reduce the economical losses in the food supply, it is essential to integrate the technology well.