Asset Management System Software

Cloud kitchen monitoring with Thingsup-track: All-in-one Asset Management System Software

Did you know? Almost one-third of the food produced for human consumption goes to waste every year. Most of it is due to improper management of food materials in commercial kitchen spaces. Restaurants buy a large quantity of food and store them in refrigerators. When not monitored, these food items expire before use and go to the trash. To avoid such painful waste of food, kitchens are starting to use Asset Management System Software. 

In this blog, we will talk about the role of IoT tracking sensors in saving food. We will also brief how the Thingsup Tracking platform can be of help. 

What is a cloud kitchen?

In essence, a cloud kitchen is a food manufacturing unit. It only takes online orders and has no physical storefront. So the only thing your customer is going to experience is your food and not your service. Thus, your food has to be of good quality with no spoiled or expired ingredients. 

Advantages of cloud kitchen:

1. Reduced overhead costs.

2. Increased adaptability and flexibility.

3. Reduced delivery time.

Similarly, there are many such benefits. But they are many challenges that tag along as well.

What are the challenges of a cloud kitchen?

The main challenge that we are going to talk about is the quality of the ingredients. All food items and raw materials come under perishable goods. Thus, you need to track them continuously to keep them from going bad. 

You regularly need to keep track of all your inventory and check their expiry dates. As we said earlier, food is the only way you could make your impression on the customer. To do that, food must be tasty as well as safe. Let us see how we tackle this problem. 

Saving the day with IoT tracking sensors

By using Thingsup IoT tracking sensors, you can effectively monitor your food units. How? Using our Asset Management System Software, you keep tabs on the temperature, humidity, etc.

Hygienic ingredients make for quality and tasty food products. Our asset tracking module lets you track the real-time status of your inventory. Moreover, it helps you identify the food units that are nearing their expiry dates. So that no food goes to waste. 

Why choose our Asset Management System Software?

The following are some of the compelling reasons to choose Thingsup Track:

1. Helps you track asset utilization and efficiency. 

2. Lets you observe the health of your assets. 

3. Facilitates easy management of different cloud kitchens under one platform. 

4. Monitors the energy consumption of equipment and helps optimize the energy bills. 

Finally, all our IoT tracking sensors easily integrate with our tracking platform. Making your cloud kitchen efficient is what Thingsup is about.