Save 25% on the energy bills

Energy Monitoring System

Thingsup’s Energy Management System help businesses to get a deep dive into their assets' energy requirements. Real-time energy monitoring, Power Factor control, Demand tracking, and Peak energy demand monitoring features of EMS systems help businesses save up to 25% on their energy demands.

Energy monitoring system module of the Thingsup platform helps Business to curb unwanted energy bills. Optimize the power factors and overall energy efficiency of the utilities and plant machineries.

Impact on Key KPI's

Case Studies

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Girish Chavan
Girish ChavanDran Engieers
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It's helped us identify inefficiencies and streamline our operations, resulting in noticeable cost savings.
Kamlesh Sir
Kamlesh SirRoyal egnieers
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Solution allows me to monitor my energy usage from anywhere using their mobile app. It's helped me become more mindful of my energy habits and reduce my carbon footprint.
Rajendra Kadam
Rajendra KadamSakas
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Thingsup's Energy Monitoring Solution's predictive analytics have helped us anticipate spikes in energy demand and adjust our operations accordingly the platform easy to use reliable, scalable, and affordable
Subhash Jagtap
Subhash Jagtappeony foods
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The responsive customer support and customizable reporting features have made managing our energy usage a valuable investment for our organization. We are proud to be a happy customer of the thingsup team.