Electric vehicle monitoring solution

Electric Vehicle Monitoring Solution

Electric Vehicles are the future mode of transportation at an age when the globe is prospering to employ new technologies everywhere. Some of the reasons for supporting future electric vehicles include rising pollution, rising fuel consumption, global warming, and the promotion of environmentally beneficial modes of transportation. However, to meet this rising demand for electric vehicles, Electric Vehicle Monitoring comes as our second necessity with the help of technologies like managing real-time fleet tracking, antitheft, and checking battery status.

Client Profile

Our clients are Electric Vehicle Manufacturing companies who have sold 30K + EVs in the past 2 years. They have Electric vehicles in 2-wheeler and 3- wheeler segments. As an upgrade to the existing product line, the client was looking forward to adding IoT enabled features in upcoming models. This will enable the connected electric vehicle experience for EV users and provide a digital ecosystem to our customers in the electric vehicle market.

Key challenges that our client looking to solve

  • A complete solution to ensure that the smart scooter, which includes connectivity and SIM card, is linked to the Internet.
  • Effectively monitor and control the temperature for charging and  standby, meanwhile can check battery status
  • Allow people to manage real-time fleet tracking, plan routes, run diagnostics and estimate range.

How did you solve it?

Thingsup’s electric vehicle monitoring system has the most innovative solution which enables riders to perform multiple functionalities in Electric Vehicles under the click of their finger We created a digital solution that gave consumers white-labelled software that allows them to tailor the app depending on their preferences and features. It includes a powerful and safe electric vehicle navigation and control platform for riders or owners to track their electric vehicles. Using Mobile applications users can check the speed limit, optimize their route through Electric Vehicle GPS, IoT in Electric Vehicle, check battery status and search for nearby charging points. With other software companies, it would take 10-12 months to develop this kind of  Electric Vehicle IoT, but with the Thingsup low code platform, it was done in 4-5 weeks. Our expert team enables riders to analyze vehicle performance with the OEM web dashboard.

Some of the key features of the Thingsup platform include: 

  • Users to properly evaluate the warranty and replacement of batteries  
  • Analyzing the charging and discharging patterns of the battery for better range estimation remote vehicle diagnostics.
  • Creates a connected vehicle ecosystem for the end customers

What benefit has this led to?

Drivers experience the following benefit:

  • This leads to high ROI
  • Ease for Battery Management 
  • Easy Navigation while driving and searching for charging points
  • Locate device easily
  • Receive notifications when an asset departs from the defined region