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Thingsup Asset management system software: The Mobile-friendly Supply chain monitoring platform

Do you run a fleet of vehicles? And do you spend an ample amount of time calling your driver to know the vehicle status? If so, our Thingsup asset management system software is for you. Thingsup combines the benefits of having a full-fledged enterprise platform in a mobile device. So that logistics managers can handle their supply chain on the go.

In this blog, we will describe how Thingsup turns your mobile device into a supply chain monitoring device.

Why do you need a mobile-friendly solution?

The main aspect of having IoT tracking sensors installed is to make the supply chain more transparent. But, it is not convenient for you to always requiring a desktop, laptop, or Mac to do so. An efficient IoT tracking solution should come with a companion app. Furthermore, it should allow the supply chain managers to make crucial decisions from the data on the mobile app.

Another reason for having a mobile-friendly solution is to keep your employees active. They can access real-time data from the field. Thus, it will help them make better decisions. And you stay on top of your competitors.

Scanning RFID and barcodes:

With the compact supply chain monitoring device, your employees can instantly scan the RFID tags on products. Every time an employee scans, your virtual inventory gets updated. Thus, there won’t be any manual errors in managing the inventory. You can get accurate data on all your remaining stock. Thus, aiding you in timely decision-making and restocking.

Since all mobiles come with GPS, you can update the exact location of your products through the app. There are IoT tracking sensors attached to the packages to perform such operations. However, you can ensure the safety and location of your employees through this function.

Benefits of employing a mobile asset management system software

  1. Speedy Performance:

With mobile devices in all your employees’ hands, you can expect an increase in performance. Because connectivity naturally reduces the errors in the supply chain.

  1. Real-time inventory status:

Thingsup mobile asset management system software lets you track all your goods in real-time.

  1. Paper-based automation:

Automating all paper-based approval processes significantly cuts down the workflow time. Using mobile reports, you can alter processes in real-time.

  1. Warehouse management:

As we said earlier, logging items becomes very handy when you have a mobile asset management system software. Also, the swiftness of finding the products increase with digital location tags.


Thingsup understands its customers and hence has a mobile app that does the job of actively monitoring the IoT tracking sensors. Furthermore, you can also optimize routes in your supply chain just by using the mobile app.

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