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Supply chain monitoring using Thingsup: What are the benefits?

From cooking to travel, IoT influences almost every sector. Whatever field it touches, it enhances their overall operational efficiency. One such process recently enhanced by IoT is the supply chain. It can be the supply chain of a healthcare product or even a scrap material, IoT plays a vital role. Thingsup asset management software is a solution capable of harnessing the potentials of IoT. It is a supply chain monitoring platform that monitors the information of your asset.

It manages to do that by collecting information from the IoT sensors attached to your package. In this blog, we will discuss how Thingsup enhances your logistics.

Why perform supply chain monitoring using Thingsup?

  1. Improved supply chain monitoring:

Traditional logistics limited the ways in which you can track your assets. Plus, it came with bulky and costly devices. With the help of IoT sensors, Thingsup prevents such complications. You can attach RFID or BLE trackers to every single package you transport. Once it reaches the destination, your employee can update it by scanning the RFID through the mobile app.

Moreover, you can track the progress of your packages through the supply chain in real-time. With Thingsup supply chain monitoring, you can relax in your office. All the while keeping an eye over all your assets.

  1. Enhanced transparency:

The previous point, clearly states that it improves the visibility of the supply chain. Also, customers are more likely to buy from suppliers who have a transparent supply chain. With enhanced transparency, you can find the weak links of your supply chain. For instance, you can identify the delay in a specific area every time. Thus, you can figure out an alternative route that saves your fuel cost.

  1. Advanced temperature tracking:

For cold chain management, temperature tracking has become crucial. Any changes in temperature affect the product, which directly impacts the revenue of the supplier. Moreover, a spoiled product is a recipe for disaster in terms of customer trust. However, by using Thingsup’s wireless temperature loggers, you can monitor every part of your cold chain. Also, it acts as a temperature tracking device that alerts you of any deviation from optimal temperatures.

  1. Effective fleet management:

IoT-powered supply chain monitoring system alerts you of efficiency drops in your fleet. Moreover, you can monitor the condition of all your vehicles through a simple interface. For example, you can add wireless temperature loggers to all your vehicles. And then monitor it from your comfort zone through the desktop or the mobile app.


Thingsup supply chain monitoring ensures that your last-mile delivery takes place the way it should. Yes! You can monitor even the last mile with temperature tracking devices and other such devices from Thingsup.