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How Thingsup Helped Leading Solid Waste Management Company In Remote Monitoring And Controlling Their Product Line With Iot Tracking Sensors

Internet of things is an innovation that is driving the fourth industrial revolution. IoT proved that you can connect with almost anything. It also improved the clarity of the process, no matter the industry. One such industry is the Solid Waste Management company. Improper waste management can lead to many health hazards. In this article, we will detail how IoT tracking sensors and delivery tracking solutions from Thingsup helped them. 

Why a Solid Waste Management company needed Thingsup IoT tracking sensors and solutions?

Before the application of Thingsup, the Solid Waste Management company faced huge fuel losses. The company lacked digitalization and thus ranked low in efficiency. The fuel prices for the garbage trucks went up due to the repeated trips to certain areas. There were no ways to measure the optimal route for the trucks. 

Instead, they followed any route they found desirable. It increased the costs of moving solid wastes from one location to another. Also, there was no way of knowing the amount of trash in a certain area. Thus, they had to use tools and fuel for even small amounts of waste. This led to wasteful use of resources and thus resulted in a huge bill. 

How Thingsup IoT tracking sensors helped?

Thingsup remote monitoring devices were able to effectively check the wastes produced. It also led to proper disposal of the trash. It ensured that wastes like solid medical wastes ended up in their assigned areas. The sensors denoted the amount of waste, the nature of the waste, and other such important details. It also helped the company tag recyclable wastes, ensuring the proper handling of such items.

Thingsup Delivery Tracking Solutions

The IoT tracking sensors and Thingsup together led to delivery tracking solutions. These solutions helped the solid waste management company to never miss a pickup. Moreover, they were able to observe the trash levels through the dumpster sensors. The disposal localities for solid wastes differ constantly. This was a major concern of the company because of the high fuel consumption rates. With Thingsup, they were able to perform active route optimization. Based on various parameters, the company was able to draft the beneficial route. 

Why choose Thingsup?

1. Thingsup specializes in making custom delivery tracking solutions to optimize your resources.

2. IoT tracking sensors that easily blend with our tracking solutions.

3. Real-time data from all your sensors available in a simple dashboard. 

4. Tracking of multiple deliveries and pickup lines within the same software.