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How Thingsup Asset Management System Software Helped Leading Beverage Brand Reduce Losses

Most beverages you drink have travelled through a cold supply chain. So, the suppliers transport them in a controlled environment. It ensures the longevity of the drink. A spoiled beverage is not just a brand-name tarnisher but also a health hazard. With that in mind, many food industries are using IoT-based asset management system software. It helps them prevent losses by identifying the areas in the supply chain that needs fixing.

By incorporating real-time monitoring devices, one can track the health of each unit. Let us see how Thingsup Track helped a beverage brand overcome its faults.

Challenges faced by the beverage company

Before IoT tracking sensors and asset management system software, the company faced the following challenges:

  1. Ability to notice malfunctioning equipment only at the endpoint of the supply chain.
  2. Unable to monitor heat exposure in real-time.
  3. Unmonitored wrong handling methods by staff.
  4. High loss rate per delivery.

As you can see, every issue is because of a lack of ways to keep an eye on the products. Let us see how Thingsup helped.

Employing Thingsup Track – The modern Asset Management System Software

Thingsup Track works by connecting to all IoT tracking sensors and devices in the product packages. Furthermore, it lets you monitor the data recorded by your IoT devices in real-time. For example, you want to fix Bluetooth temperature sensors in your product containers. To measure the temperature, you can simply use the software to find the status of your products.

The beverage brand used Thingsup asset management system software in the following ways:

  1. Track the health of the products from their source to the end customer.
  2. Monitor the humidity and air quality to prevent moulds and toxins.
  3. Abide by the safety guidelines of the FDA throughout the supply chain.
  4. Find where the temperature fluctuations happened that spoiled the products.
  5. Track the exact location of all shipments in real-time.
  6. Optimize the route for delivery to reduce the probability of damage.
  7. Find the risks in the cold supply chain in advance.

In addition, our Thingsup Track IoT software solution enabled them to solve issues in real-time. Also, it greatly improved the visibility into their supply chain. Which further reduced the costs incurred due to product damage.

Why choose Thingsup Asset Management System Software?

Thingsup provides custom solutions with integrations that suit your supply chain. Moreover, you get Bluetooth temperature sensors with humidity, door, and air quality sensors in the same module. Not to mention, everything you buy at Thingsup readily works well with the asset management system software. Letting you create efficient strategies for your cold chain logistics.