IOT Tracking Sensors

How Milk Products franchise owners are saving in Millions using Thingsup Track and IoT tracking sensors

IoT is undeniably making its mark in every industry.  As a reliable IoT tracking solutions provider, we helped yet another industry. Dairy products are one of the largest industries in India. The supplier is responsible for monitoring the supply chain closely. This avoids any sanitary issues as well as losses. 

Yet, many companies still do not use an active monitoring system. This milk products franchise is one of the largest in Maharashtra. They have more than 400 franchises all over the state. They stepped forward to opt for our comprehensive Thingsup Track solution. Let us discuss how we equipped them with IoT Tracking sensors and such to cut costs. 

What are the challenges they faced?

Despite being a renowned franchise, the following are the challenges they faced:

1. Issues with quality control: 

The lack of visibility into supply chains raised quality concerns. Which led to an excessive amount of resources to maintain superior quality. 

2. Material return handling: 

Since almost all milk products are perishable, the return process was complex. The process lacked supervision throughout the return supply chain. Which eventually led to huge losses in waste of returning products. 

3. Brand credibility: 

Due to a mismanaged supply chain, the credibility of the franchise started declining. Delayed deliveries and spoilt milk products impacted the brand name. 

These challenges faced by the client are damaging not only to their brand name but also to their revenue. We identified that all these challenges are due to a lack of technology. Things like a Bluetooth temperature sensor and other IoT tracking sensors would’ve made the job easier. 

Helping them with IoT tracking sensors

Initially, we set off analysing every part of the client’s supply chain. This helped us understand the requirements and challenges of the client. After successfully installing the necessary IoT tracking sensors, Thingsup Track was able to do the following:

1. Actively monitor temperatures:

The primary challenge in maintaining quality is monitoring the temperature. Regular monitoring throughout the franchise prevents any mishaps from happening. Our IoT-based tracking solution remotely monitored the temperature of the freezer. The client now has access to the thermal readings from every retail store freezer in their franchise. Letting them make proactive decisions when needed. 

2. Timely alerts:

Thingsup Track enabled timely alerts for the client. A Bluetooth temperature sensor records the temperature values. Then, the Thingsup Track solution receives the data. When the temperature goes above a certain limit, an automatic alert gets sent to the concerned personnel.  


Using simple integration and the use of IoT tracking sensors, the franchise was able to save millions. The losses due to waste reduced significantly after the installation of our solutions.