IoT tracking sensors

Ensure last-mile delivery quality with IoT tracking sensors from Thingsup

Supply chain logistics is one of the important aspects that affect the price of a product. The supply chain is the travel made by your goods from the supplier to the end customer. Sometimes you might need to track the temperature throughout the supply chain. For example, all Covid-19 vaccines require a cold chain to maintain their efficiency. But, have you ever questioned how they do that? If so, this blog will serve as a small introduction to that topic. Furthermore, this blog focuses on how the last mile delivery can affect your business. And, how you can make your customers happy with IoT tracking sensors and solutions.

What is last-mile delivery?

You can divide a supply chain into three portions. They are first-mile delivery, mid-mile delivery, and last-mile delivery. The last-mile delivery is the final part of the supply chain. It brings the packed product to the customer.

So, what’s the problem here?

You can track the first two portions through GPS temperature monitoring devices. But, the last mile generally happens in PCM boxes. They lack(or should we say lacked) the efficiency of tracking and monitoring. They do not have any kind of active cooling system to keep them in check. Considering perishable goods, the inefficient last-mile delivery might spoil your customer experience.

Hence, you need a cost-effective and scalable solution to fix your cold chain supply. Let’s take a detailed look at the solution.

Solving through IoT tracking sensors and solutions:

In the budding face of the fourth industrial revolution, IoT is playing a major role. So why not use it to digitalize your last-mile delivery as well. Thingsup offers temperature tracking devices that connect with smart devices using wireless technology. What more? It comes integrated with the Thingsup tracking platform to continuously monitor your packages.

Using Thingsup BLE temperature sensors and the tracking platform, you can track each PCM box in real-time. You can use it to record the temperature fluctuations, even in the last mile. This way, you could effectively optimize the supply chain for future operations.

Why select Thingsup?

  1. The GPS temperature monitoring device and BLE sensors come with 2 years of battery life.
  2. No operational maintenance is necessary for the operation of these IoT tracking sensors.
  3. You can monitor the last mile in real-time from the Thingsup Tracking platform.

Save your last mile and retain quality customers through simple solutions. How? With the help of Thingsup IoT tracking sensors and tracking platform.