Air Quality Sensor

IoT Enabled

Air Quality Sensor

Measure Air Quality Parameters at Home, Office or Industrial Environments

Select from Available



Ultra Small but Most Dangerous Air Particles


Coarse Particles from Dust, Emission and Combustion


Ambient Environment Temperature


Relative Humidity of Surrounding Environment


Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Air


Total Volatile Organic Compounds



Build your IoT Solution with customisable, and certified hardware with available integrations.


WiFi, Bluetooth and Modbus RTU over RS485.

Global Standards

MCERT-S Certifed PM Sensors, NDIR based CO2 Sensor for Best Accuracy


Battery Powered for cordless usage, Onboard Display, USB Powered for charging.

Modular Hardware

Build your custom device with available sensors suitable for your requirement.

Cloud/IoT Integration

Connect to your MQTT and HTTP servers via onboard WiFi connectivity.


Webpage based server/data configuration for easy deployments.

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Yes, its modular design makes this possible so that you can select which all sensors you want in device and you will pay for that only

It can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor air quality measurement

It comes with default thingsup integration from where you can create your own app and visualize the data. If you want custom app developed, contact us.

Yes it comes in white and black color, for more color options contact us.

Not currently. We are planning to add it in next release.

It comes in both configurations, contact us for more details

5V, 1A standard adapter with micro USB connection will be enough for this device to power it up and get it running

It can be configured via device configuration webpage

Yes, on top side of the device it has power switch to turn on and off

Yes, it has optional built-in memory which will store the data internally

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Thingsup Integrations

Build Solutions with your Choice of Database and Web Services.
We support Industry Leading Frameworks and adding more support day by day.

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